28 November 2023

I am a New York city based artist, my art converges activism, healing, and hypnosis. Immersed in a hypnotic trance of raw emotions, from my fingertips, I conjure psychological paintings of women in moments of metamorphosis. Humans’ profound complexity and rich spectrum of emotions serve as endless sources of inspiration. I navigate the delicate dance between strength and vulnerability, seeking the beauty within life’s enigmatic and unsettling facets.

Veils grace my artwork, a tribute to the historical significance of veiled women. Layering various materials—paint, ink, resin, glass, pastels, and gossamer fabrics—my art becomes a game of dimensions. This fusion of mediums weaves holographic illusions, teasing perceptions and blurring reality’s boundaries. Ghostly stroke whispers like a breath, oscillating between inhaling and exhaling life’s essence and eternal spirit, reflecting our ever-evolving existence amid constant change.

Beyond the ethereal realm, my artistic creations, particularly “Hybrids”, echo a biocentric perspective emphasizing the interwoven fabric of existence, illustrating that all life forms are interconnected, mutually affecting each other. Alongside this, I co-founded ‘Artemis Beasts,’ an artist duo dedicated to anthropomorphic performance art and activism advocating for animal rights and environmental preservation. To me, the fusion of art and activism forms a sacred sanctuary for cathartic healing, transcending boundaries, fostering positive change, and imbuing life with a deeper purpose.”